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30 Days of Warehouse 13: — Day 12: Free Day

According to the original post, this was supposed to be the “Favorite Guest Star” day…except that we did that back on Day 9, and today’s prompt would be a repeat if I followed the schedule.

So today, July 4th, is a free day. Pardon my Americanism, but isn’t that error just perfectly poetic?

Day 12: Why do you love Warehouse 13?

When I was growing up, Barney the stupid Purple Dinosaur wasn’t even something thought up on a bad trip. Voltron hadn’t yet been ripped off and turned into a crappy live action children’s show. Teletubbies were still many, many years away from melting young toddler minds. I had Sesame Street on PBS and that’s about it.

Except that my parents DID have a Beta Cassette player (if you don’t know what that is, think VCR with a smaller tape that’s wider than your stereo receiver and a remote control with a 20 foot wire attached to it), and they did buy and record movies.

Like Star Wars. And Back to the Future. And Indiana Jones.

Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas wrote my bedtime stories, people. Punny characters were my security blanket.

That’s how I feel when I watch this show — Eureka, too, but this one in particular — because it physically looks like the place where Indy stuffed all the crap he found (and you KNOW the Ark is in that warehouse somewhere). And it’s not just campy sci fi humor, it’s kickass characters with relatable stories and little-known actors that shine in their ever-increasing moments of absolute brilliance and just enough drama where you’re drawn into the story and care about the outcome.

And all this before the season 3 finale.

I love Warehouse 13 because it doesn’t do anything to insult my intelligence. It touches on social issues without making them issues. It doesn’t take anything - not even itself - too seriously. None of my favorite bedtime stories as a child taught me to focus on myself before others. None of them ever told me I couldn’t be whatever I wanted to be. If I wanted to be a Jedi Knight, screw it! I can discover the Force and learn to use it! And now that I’ve supposedly grown up, it’s imaginative and funny and intelligent shows like this that help me keep my own childlike wonder. They inspire me to keep believing in the things I believed in as a kid. They give me hope for the future in a word filled with such self-serving stupidity that the jaded adult in me is tempted to give up on people completely. Show like this remind me that it’s not ridiculous to do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do, and that following the rules when no one is looking is not a waste of time. They remind me to be honest, fair, and as kind as I can manage in a sometimes hostile work environment.

I love Warehouse 13 because it lets me keep believing in magic and miracles.

I love Warehouse 13 because it inspires my imagination and keeps it fresh with exciting new ideas and insatiable curiosity.

I love Warehouse 13 because it keeps me young and happy and laughing.

I just love Warehouse 13.